Participation Fund

At Dreamcoat Fantasy Theatre (DFT), our programs are inclusive of all children and youth regardless of disability or financial status. We want all eager actors to be able to participate fully in our programs. Sometimes that means helping with finances or other supports that are needs. This could mean lowering the cost of registration fees, helping with transportation or providing additional staff at practices to support the needs of the actors. Anyone is eligible who is under the age of 18.

There is a committee of Dreamcoat Board Members who help to receive requests for assistance and supports and find solutions to support our participants.

If you think your child would require support, the first step is to fill out a DFT Participation Support Form found on our website or by emailing us at: These are reviewed prior to the start of our show.

It is important to remember that this process is completely separate from the casting that occurs for our shows. Our Show Staff is not aware of any requests that have been made and your personal Information is not shared with anyone other than the three members of The Participation Committee.

Download DFT Participation Support Form
Download Third Party Referral Form


“Dreamcoat Fantasy Theatre is committed to ensuring that its mission and operations embrace the community. It actively encourages the community to participate fully and benefit from its programs. DFT is an open and inclusive community theatre company and committed equity and inclusion. It strives to reflect the community, its structure, and to promote equal opportunity.”
Parents, participants and other community members will be given the opportunity to identify barriers to participation and/or supports required to ensure equity and inclusion. DFT will make every effort to accommodate these requests within the limits outlined below.

  1. A fund will be maintained for the purposes of supporting inclusion and equity. This is referred to as the Participation Fund. This amount may be used at the discretion of the Participation Committee.
  2. Funds can be used but are not limited to covering registration fees, paying a support worker or providing transportation.
  3. A third party request for support can be submitted by someone who knows the child well with permission provided by the child’s parent.
  4. It will be the responsibility of the parent or participant to identify any areas of need within the timelines provided (prior to show registration).
  5. This process will operate completely separately from show casting.
  6. Any personal information gathered will be deleted/shredded after registration night. A list of names and support provided will be kept in order to assist with decisions regarding future requests for the same participant.
  7. Where financial support is required, priority will be given to those participants who have not received previous funding.