So You Want To Act…

The Audition Process

Each fall show has an information session. Attending this session is crucial as you will be taught a song and dance to audition with*. It is also during this information session that you sign up for an audition time. You will then have a few days to practice your audition material. When you audition you will perform your song and dance in front of a small audition panel. Parents may be present for the audition although we try to encourage actors to perform on their own. Within a day or two after your audition you will receive a phone call in which you will get a call-back, casted or referred. A call-back is the second stage of the audition process where you are asked return to read for specific parts. All call-backs are on the Sunday the audition weekend. All called back are cast into the show. If, when called, you are told you have been casted-that means you have made it to the show and have been cast as a dancer or singer. This does not necessarily mean that you don’t/won’t have a speaking part as often parts are given out as we rehearse. If you have been given a referral you did not make it into the fall show, but will be referred to participate in another production to build on your skills.

During your audition it’s absolutely OK to ask for help and it’s perfectly natural to be nervous. Don’t feel like you’re wrecking your audition by asking for help. We want to see your best work-that’s what we base our decisions on.

* You may audition with material you have chosen so long as it’s well rehearsed. It is strongly encouraged that you also prepare yourself to sing/dance the material presented on info night if asked to do so.

**Should you audition with your own material it is still mandatory to be present during the info night to sign up for your audition.

Keys to a Good Audition

  1. Rehearse! If you are confident with the song and the dance you’ve been taught it will help you to…
  2. …Relax! Most of all…
  3. …Have Fun! That’s what theatre is all about.

If You Didn’t Get In

Don’t be discouraged! If you weren’t successful at getting in it’s not because “you’re bad”, it’s just that you may need to develop your skills more. Enroll in some of the other shows Dreamcoat offers. In these productions you’re chances of getting an awesome part increase big time! These shows are always performed at excellent theatres, often to near sell out audiences. Whatever you do, keep practicing your singing, dancing and acting. We have seen kids, in the course of a year, go from no part to a lead. Stay positive, stay focused and keep having fun with drama!