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Do I need to attend Information Night with my Child?

Yes, you do.  We provide information about our program and the show to both parents and participants.  It is helpful if you attend and receive the information first hand.  If you are unable to attend with your child, please make sure you read the Information Night Letter that goes home with everyone.

How do I sign my Child Up for an Audition?
Attend the Information Night and the sign Up Sheets are available upon arrival.
How Long is the Information Night?
Approximately an hour and a half. The children learn a song and a dance that they may use at their audition. While they are learning the song and dance, parents can take the opportunity to sign up for the audition time, either an individual time on Friday from 4:00 – 9:00 or a group audition on Saturday morning. Individual auditions last approximately 5 minutes. The Group audition is one hour.
Can I sit in on The Audition with My Child?
We do not encourage parents sitting in on the audition, but the decision is up to the child auditioning. For the group auditions – no one is allowed in the auditions other than the staff and the children auditioning.
What is a Callback?
A callback is another part of the audition process that assists the staff with casting decisions. Your child may be asked to a callback for more singing, dancing, or reading so that more specific requirements for casting the roles may be assessed by the show staff. Callbacks can last an hour or can be all day. If your child receives a callback note, the time that they are required to be there will be on the sheet. They may require a lunch/snack if they will be there all day. This will be clearly written on the note.
Is there a Fee to Participate in Dreamcoat?
Yes there is. Our registration fees are explained in the information Note going home at Information Night.
What if I am unable to afford the Registration Fee?
We have a Participation Fund Committee that accepts applications for funding to those in need. Please see our Post about the Participation Fund on this page.
Or email us at:
Are there any other costs involved for Dreamcoat?
On occasion the costume department will ask actors to bring in an article of clothing to help with their costume (Black Socks, black shoes etc) The other costs involved are tickets to the show. Tickets will be available in October for purchase. We also have a fee for a show shirt if your child would like to purchase one. There is also a nominal fee for the cast party held the day after our show closes.
Can I Volunteer to help with the show?
YES, YES and YES. Please let us know if you are available to help with moving sets, painting, costume making, prop making, supervising dressing rooms etc. A Sign Up Sheet will be available at Information Night.

If you have any further questions, please email us at

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