Rheanon Funnell

Dreamcoat was and is one of the best things my kids were ever a part of in their childhoods. It gave them confidence, experience, friendships and incredible memories. Thank you Dreamcoat.

Cynthia Roy

What do I think of Dreamcoat? I think we are lucky to have this opportunity in our area. Both for young people to participate and for young people to be inspired by other young people. I am grateful My daughter was able to be a Dreamcoat Kid!!!

Kimberly Lediett

I am beyond impressed yet again with the amazing amount of talent we have in our little northern town. I can’t put into words how much I appreciate the amount of work that was put into Aladdin. Well and every production really!!! The Kids, the sets, the...

Kelly Russell

I recently had the opportunity to enjoy what was hands down, the best Musical I have ever seen in my life. Mary Poppins was breathtaking. Musicals have admittedly, never been my “thing”, but I was totally swept away. The seemingly effortless, yet flawless...